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We treat without pain, fear or stress. Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine London - Acton

The Polish Art Medica Clinic in London offers a wide range of aesthetic medicine treatments.

Perfect Smile Dental Center London

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Your Smile in the Dentist's Hands (Ealing/Acton)

Certificates and competences:

Your dentist in London guarantees:​

Comprehensive dental care

for children and adults

No language barrier

We speak English, Polish and Lithuanian.

Always at a good price

Payment in instalments, discounts when buying packages

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We offer the following dental services:

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Conservative treatment, children and adults

We offer a full range of conservative dentistry services, i.e. the treatment of carious cavities. The most important procedures of conservative dentistry are cleaning the tooth to remove decay and filling the cavity with a suitable material, i.e. a filling. We use high-quality light-curing composites for fillings. Local anaesthetic administered for free!

polski dentysta londyn ealing

Dental prophylaxis

Prevention is better than cure! We really believe in prevention and check-ups, and we hold implantology consultations for free. We offer our disease prevention package: SCALING, SANDBLASTING AND FLUORIDATION at a discount of up to a 30% less compared to buying these treatments individually. We welcome children from the age of 6.

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Implantology, bone augmentation

polski dentysta

Root canal treatment

We provide the full range of endodontics services, i.e. root canal treatment: X-ray, anaesthesia, root canal preparation, dressing and restoration of teeth with fibreglass or precious metal inlays.

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Teeth whitening, aesthetic improvement

You can afford more beautiful teeth! Tooth whitening trays, in-office whitening with the Beyond lamp, a combination of the two treatments, as well as veneers and always aesthetically pleasing fillings and crowns. We will take great care to ensure the beauty of your smile!

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Prosthodontics and orthodontics

We offer a full range of prosthetic services: crowns (temporary, porcelain, on a metal or zirconium substructure); partial and full acrylic dentures, denture repairs. We treat malocclusion with braces. Orthodontic treatment is not just for children – it is often necessary before prosthetic or implant treatment.

polski dentysta londyn near me

Aesthetic medicine

Best Dentists and Dentists in London (Ealing/Acton)
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Polski dentysta Dr Roksana Marcinkowska: implantologia, ortodoncja
We speak english

Dr Roksana Marcinkowska

Implantology, Orthodontics

Dr Marcinkowska graduated in dentistry from the Medical University of Białystok. She trained in implantology and implant-based restorations in Winterthur, Switzerland, and graduated from the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology, completing all the requirements of the UK General Dental Council for practising implantologists.

Dr Marcinkowska has also completed a number of training courses in Poland, including level I orthodontics led by Prof. Kaminka and Dr Stefkowa, as well as obtained a specialist degree in orthodontics from the highly-renowned University of Warwick. Dr Roksana is continually improving her qualifications and is currently in the process of completing the Advanced Implant Dentistry course at Guy’s College Education, London. She also holds qualifications for training dental assistants and hygienists: NBDBN Whitness Programme Training. In the Perfect Smile team, Dr Marcinkowska specialises in implantology, prosthetics and orthodontics. She speaks Polish and English. She is a member of the General Dental Council GDC, the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) and the British Society of Oral Implantology (BSOI).

dr. Kamila Mazurek
We speak english

Dr. Kamila Mazurek

Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner

Graduate of the medical faculty with a dentistry department at the Medical University of Białystok; certified aesthetic medicine doctor. She gained her professional experience in prestigious national and international institutions and regularly improves her professional qualifications by attending various courses, trainings and scientific conferences. She is constantly focused on developing her skills. Specialised knowledge and a wide range of services allow her to provide high-quality comprehensive care.

Extensive clinical experience translates into professionalism and an individual approach to the patient. Kindness, openness and a sense of humour help the patient forget about stress. Dr Mazurek demonstrates great empathy and understanding of her patients’ expectations. The foundations of her work are laid by talking to the patient, listening to their needs and establishing a treatment plan that achieves natural yet spectacular results. GDC no.: 263042

Dental services Price list

We allow payment in installments!

Dental prophylaxis
Dental consultation/examination
Fluoridation - deciduous teeth
Scaling and polishing
Scaling + Sandblasting + Fluoridation

Surgical treatment

Extraction of a deciduous tooth
Extraction of a permanent straight tooth
Extraction of a difficult permanent tooth (“chiselling”)
Extraction of a retained tooth
Removal of the upper wisdom tooth
Removal of the lower wisdom tooth
Removal of sutures after treatment at another surgery
Removal of sutures after treatment at our clinic
Tooth root resection
Frenectomy/surgical correction of the upper lip, lower lip, tongue
Cyst excision with root resection
Sinus closure


Porcelain crown on metal substructure
Porcelain crown on zirconia substructure
All-zirconia crown
Bridge recementing
Temporary crown made in the office
Temporary crown made in the laboratory
Crown recementing
Fiberglass-reinforced composite inlay/onlay
Composite veneer - after in-office consultation
Porcelain veneer
Removal of old prosthetic crown
Acrylic partial denture
Acrylic full denture
Skeletal denture
Flexible denture (acranium)
Denture repair (addition of a tooth, brackets)
Relaxation splint (rail)
Correction of a denture made at another surgery
Denture relining
Medical report/referral
Diagnostic models

Conservative treatment

Cosmetic composite filling
Deciduous tooth filling
Temporary filling
Pocket dressing
Incision of dental abscess
Reconstruction of a tooth with composite
Fibreglass tooth reconstruction
Tooth reconstruction on gold-platinum post
Immobilisation of loosened teeth with tape from
od £170
Porcelain veneer
Crown-root post

*Endodontic (root canal) treatment

Tooth opening, pulp removal + temporary filling
Root canal treatment of anterior teeth 1 canal
Root canal treatment of premolar teeth 2 canals
Root canal treatment of molars 3 canals
Root canal re-treatment of anterior teeth
Root canal re-treatment of premolar teeth
Root canal re-treatment of molars
Dressing during treatment
* The price of each root canal treatment includes: root canal dressing and anaesthesia. The price does not include the cost of the tooth restoration. Each additional canal £100


Consultation 30min
Bone augmentation before single implantation
from £650
Implant from the Swiss company ZIMMER
Healing screw
Porcelain crown on zirconia substructure
Pre-implantation diagnostic modelsa


Closed curettage - price per quadrant (7 teeth)
Open curettage - price per tooth
Image - dental panoramic radiograph
Image - cephalometric image
CT scan (price per arch)
Partial tomograph covering treatment

Cosmetic dentistry

Overlay/tray whitening (overlays/trays, gels, 4 syringes included)
In-office whitening with the Beyond lamp
Additional syringe of gel

Also check out our aesthetic medicine office

polski dentysta londyn ealing

What our patients say:

Full professionalism and a friendly service! I went there with pain in my molar, I was afraid it would hurt, but I got a good anaesthetic and didn’t even feel a thing, and I had root canal treatment. The filling fits nicely and the shade is well chosen. Huge relief! The best Polish dentist in London!

Grzegorz D - opinion posted on Google

A friendly and professional service. Every service performed is fantastic. Adjusting the right solutions to the individual case, facilitating and understanding financial situations without breaking the budget, without unnecessary added “must do’s”.

Małgorzata Indyk - opinion posted on Google

Dental Practice in London (Ealing/Acton)

Perfect Smile Dental Practice in London (Ealing/Acton) provides professional dental services to the Polish community. Our advantages include:

  1. Fully English-speaking staff
  2. Modern dental technologies
  3. Individual approach to every patient
  4. Availability for emergencies
  5. Convenient office hours
  6. Convenient location

Join our satisfied customers who appreciate the quality and comfort of our services!

Kompleksowe usługi stomatologiczne w polskim gabinecie
Dental office in London
nasi pracownicy
Perfect Smile Dentistry London (Ealing/Acton)

PerfectSmile Dentistry London (Ealing/Acton)

The Perfect Smile Dental Centre is pleased to welcome patients from across west London and the surrounding areas, as far afield as Oxford, Reading and Slough. We operate six days a week, offering preventative care, routine treatments and emergency dental care – same-day appointments are available.

Our comprehensive treatment services, individual approach to each patient, including the youngest ones, and modern practice equipped with the highest-quality equipment and materials translate into top quality of care. With over 30 years’ experience in total, our dentists are constantly developing their skills by attending courses and training to keep up to date with the latest advances in dentistry and treat their patients in line with the highest global standards. We also offer payment in instalments and discounts on service packages purchased.

The Perfect Smile Clinic was established by a team of dentists wishing to create a place where patients of all ages could benefit from comprehensive top-level treatments provided in Polish. In addition, we offer orthodontic services, including fixed and removable braces, creating beautiful smiles for patients of all ages.


YES, our doctors, Dr Roksana Marcinkowska and Dr Kamila Mazurek are from Poland and are fluent in Polish. This means that you can communicate in our practice trouble-free. Of course, if you want, we can also communicate in English. It is all up to you – we want to make you feel comfortable at our dental practice in London.

Put your fears aside! We will first check the state of your teeth, take a photo, only then will we start to act, and if you need time to think, we can wait till your next appointment to proceed with treatments. It is a good idea to prepare for the dental check-up, i.e. please remember the basics: brush your teeth and rinse your mouth so that the check-up goes comfortably and smoothly without any issues.

In our practice you can pay both by card and in cash, plus, we offer our clients convenient payment by instalment options and dedicated discounts on full packages of dental services.

Our dentists are available Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM and Saturdays from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. In urgent cases such as toothache, we are able to fit you in with a quicker appointment during our office hours and beyond, if the situation warrants it.

At our dental practice, we prepare a comprehensive action plan from the very first appointment, so that you know where you stand and what the treatment costs and scope of treatment will be. You will also receive a sheet with all the information in Polish or English.

At our Perfect Smile dental practice in London, we use modern technology such as X-rays, CT scans and dedicated treatment planning software to provide our patients with the highest quality of service. We focus on pain-free treatments, using advanced techniques and materials.

Our dental price list starts from as little as £60 for an initial consultation with a dental examination. Of course, depending on the state of your teeth and health problems, we will select the right treatment and procedures for you. Popular services we offer include sandblasting (air abrasion) £100, scaling and polishing £120, Beyond Lamp in-office teeth whitening £350. The full cost of our services can be found in the PRICE LIST.

At our London dental practice, we offer a wide range of treatments in the following categories: preventive dentistry, conservative treatment, surgical treatment, root canal treatment, prosthetics, implantology, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Popular treatments include a dental examination, scaling, extraction of a permanent tooth, teeth whitening, root canal treatment of molars.

The price of tooth extraction depends on the location of the tooth. The cheapest is the extraction of a deciduous tooth, which costs £100, extraction of a straight tooth costs about £150-180, while a permanent tooth is extracted by “chiselling” for £180-300. You are welcome to visit our practice in London at 36 Crown St. We can help you get rid of your bothersome problem straight away.

Dentures, crowns and bridges are available on the NHS for those with the highest insurance contributions. Free dental care is offered to seniors over 60, children under 16, low-income people with an NHS card or benefit recipients, as well as the disabled and pregnant or postpartum women with a valid medical exemption (MedEx). Patients living in the UK with NHS insurance can access services in Poland, with a maximum reimbursement of up to £300 for prosthetic treatment if they meet the relevant criteria. Of course, we fully respect the local law in our practice.

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Magdalena MariaMagdalena Maria
19:28 26 Jan 23
Best dental clinic so far , dr Roxana super friendly and she exactly knows what to do ! Friendly stuff ! I totally recommend! 😉
Piotrek BialyPiotrek Bialy
15:29 15 Jul 22
I'm with them since 2013Dr. Roksana is experienced Stomatologist. All my canal treatment and other procedures after few years are in absolutely good condition.I would highly recommend to everyone from small fillings to all major treatments including Implants !
M4rc1n JM4rc1n J
19:00 08 Jul 22
We are (family of 4) using Perfect Smile for about 8 years. Always very good and very professional service , friendly team always explain what kind of dental work needs to be done and what procedures would be recommended. Dental work always excellent and very high standard. Highly recommend Perfect Smile even if for us is 50 miles trip one way but definitely worth it. Marcin, Wiola, Jakub, Maya
Barbara GomesBarbara Gomes
13:41 08 Jul 22
I love this dental office and would highly recommend!!! Dr Roksana is super professional, friendly and caring. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable. I will definitely be returning:)
justyna srdakowskajustyna srdakowska
18:15 09 Mar 22
Best dentist I've been to so far. Dr Roxana is very welcoming and gentle. She made me feel comfortable every time I went there. All the staff members deliver exceptional costumer service. I recommend this place to everyone!
4.9/5 - (65 votes)